where we’ve been

i’m behind on blogging, but with a good excuse. we went to kansas city to see ned’s family and celebrate some milestones and then my sister was in town for a visit.  and now i will bombard you with photos.  (part one now, part two in a few days.)

i don’t think it needs to be said, but i’ll say it anyway (in case you somehow miss it in the photos): josephine fell in love with her cousins.  total, complete puppy love. it was so sweet to see.  the three oldest girls, especially, were so very kind to her and listened to her while she told them ridiculous stories about the backward slug who lives in rose’s front yard.  josephine loved the attention and they seemed happy to give it and get worshiped a bit in return.

other than the fact that our neighbors at the hotel probably wanted to strangle us each evening due to the loud bedtime-related toddler screams coming from #620, we had a great trip and look forward to the next time the whole crew can be together again.

this is what happened when we were trying to be on time for church:

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