auntie’s visit

ok, one more photo-filled post and then i promise i’ll be back with a fun story about something or other.  but not today. today i would have to write about a toddler writhing and screaming in the front doorway and nobody wants to hear about that.  instead, enjoy these lovely pictures from my sister’s visit.  we had such a good good time with her here.

we went to see a big waterfall (snoqualmie falls) in the rain.

we went out for lunch a couple times.

and we went to see the tulips north of seattle.  they’re kinda pretty.

josephine’s bandana kept blowing up in the wind which made auntie and i laugh and laugh.

on saturday, we went to a sheep shearing festival and watched sheep dogs herd sheep around a pen.

and we saw some sheep get hair cuts.  josephine got to touch some of the wool and she said, “oh, i yuv dis! i yuv dis wool!”

we got a new instrument.

and we enjoyed a nice view of seattle before gorging on thai food.

come back soon, auntie!  we miss you already.

2 Responses to “auntie’s visit”

  • auntie mae Says:

    i miss you too! these photos make me happy – i had so much fun visiting you. love you all!

  • Jayme Says:

    those tulips are AMAZING!!! what’s up with that?
    love the photos of auntie mae’s visit. josephine’s bandana blowing in the wind is a little klan-ish. love it.