weekend in review

recap: there was sunshine this weekend and all was right with the world.  it’s amazing what a good dose of vitamin d can do for your spirits.  keep it comin’, seattle.

we dined and played with eli, jesse, matt and allison on saturday.


they’re leaving seattle soon and we’re all getting a little emotional and clingy:

on sunday we explored a new-to-us park in renton with sydney and brandon. there were baby ducks.

not pictured: dinner with ned’s coworkers on friday night where i ate entirely too much guacamole.  the hosts had chihuahuas and i nearly drove across town to get our little video camera to capture the awesomeness that was josephine’s reaction to them.  we’ll have to plan another meeting and get it on film because words cannot do her enthusiasm justice.

also not pictured: my crafting time (sans-toddler!) with my friend renee in her sun-drenched apartment.  so good.

also not pictured: my movie date with allison.  we went to see “the hunger games,” which i just finished reading.  i’m now the second-to-last person in america to finish that book, ned being the sole remaining hold-out.  the movie was great, as was more kid-free time with a friend.  i’m a lucky girl.

also not pictured: an interaction that happened while allison and i were watching a movie on the loveliest sunday yet this year and the dads were at the park with the kids.  apparently when they arrived at the park, there was a kid in one of the swings and someone’s stuffed animal in the other.  ned suggested that josephine ask the mom standing nearby if they could move the animal.  he also suggested she could call the woman “ma’am” rather than josephine’s new “hey you!”  instead, josephine went up to the little girl and said to her, “excuse me, ma’am, can i use that swing?”

i guess we can cancel her charm school enrollment. she’s all good.


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