who’s the grownup here?*

this morning, at a never-ending breakfast:

josephine: mama, are you good?
me: actually, josephine, i’m feeling pretty frustrated about how long it’s taking you to eat your breakfast.
josephine: i can help you.
me: you can?
josephine: i can help you feel better. take a deep breath.
me: [deep breath]
josephine: do you feel calmer now?
me: thanks. i do.  now eat your breakfast.

*despite the conversation above, i am still the grownup.  at least, i’m not the one who pooped in my underwear this afternoon.

2 Responses to “who’s the grownup here?*”

  • meg Says:

    ha! oma, you will always be the grownup…
    hugs from the mom of the kid who will only tell me “it’s a secret…” when i pick her up from preschool. sneaky emilee.

  • Jayme Says:

    your daughter is so insightful. i love it. and would expect nothing less.