story time with josephine

i am in the process of cleaning out our bedroom closet (inspired by wendy–thanks, wendy!  i think…).  while cleaning off a shelf of the bookcase that holds our collection of random paper products, i found a couple of things that i thought josephine might enjoy.  one was a unicorn coloring book (jen, i think this was from you, right?), another was a blank folder with a picture of a baby on it (it used to hold info about the birth center josephine was born at) and the third was a small blank spiral notebook.  josephine was thrilled.  it was like christmas.  immediately she began reading us stories from the blank notebook.  these are two of the stories, verbatim:

poppy and popcorn
once upon a time there were two little squirrels and their names were piece and oval. they were good little squirrels and they worked hard. and then the two little squirrels had fun and then they settled down for a nap.

one day a tiger was building his nest. he was looking for a place to build a tall nest.

(i am not sure how to account for the discrepancy in the title of the squirrels (which she pronounces “sqwo-wohs”) story and the names of the squirrels in the actual story. also, i think there’s more to this jungle story. where is that tiger going to build his tall nest? stay tuned…)

(finally, i am very aware thankyouverymuch that i do not need to keep, for years, a blank unicorn coloring book in my closet.  this is why i’m cleaning.)

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