we went to HONK! fest west on saturday.  HONK! fest west.  is there a better event name?  HONK! fest west is a festival that celebrates street bands and it’s pretty fabulous.  the sun was shining and we sat at the park with friends and listened to wacky and fun music.  i didn’t take any pictures of the actual bands, but i did take a picture of this woman practicing her hula hooping.  that’s just the kind of thing that happens at HONK! fest west.

also, josephine wore huge headphones (because the music was “so youd!”) and they smooshed her cheeks and made it look like she had stashed away some grapes for later.  she, kindly, held rose’s ears for her.  jesse fell asleep.

today we had breakfast, cat-petting and a park date with sara, jason, colin, carrie, brandon and sydney.  it’s good to say everyone’s name when you discuss plans with josephine.  when i told her we were going to colin’s house, she got very concerned that sara and jason might not be there because i hadn’t mentioned them.


hope your weekend included some good food, good friends, and good music, too.  what did you do?

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