grasshopper and eye

more movie!

josephine is always asking us for stories.  “tell me a story, mama,” she’ll say with a little puppy dog look that is hard to resist.  or, “tell me about your day, dada.”  it’s cute until you’ve told her about ten stories and reviewed the day umpteen times and she still wants more.  (actually, if you pause, she demands, “REST!” as in, tell me the rest of your day or the rest of the story. delightful.)  so every once in a while i make her tell me a story.  here’s one from the other day about grasshopper and his friend eye.  i have to say, the plot sort of falls apart towards the end, but hey! she’s two!

be end!

(do you need a translation?)

5 Responses to “grasshopper and eye”

  • Christina Says:

    Peter is watching this video over and over and loving it! Thanks for sharing. Great story Josephine!

  • Polly Says:

    Very entertaining. The only part I couldn’t quite catch was the sentence that ended in “half past six.” Im typing this while brixton squuezes my arms togther by the way.

  • oma Says:

    so glad peter’s enjoying the tale. i’ll have to record another one soon. there’s no shortage…

    polly, that line is “eye said, ‘all right, i’ll leave you alone until half-past six.'” all those “l”s make it a tricky one for josephine. 🙂

  • Luci Says:

    Josephine is delightful! What a great story for a 2 year old!

  • Aunt Jann Says:

    It’s been a long time since I visited “I, Josephine.” What a delightful website you have, Oma. I especially loved Josephine’s story about Grasshopper. Is “eye” supposed to be herself, I? And that smile with those huge dimples — you’re in big trouble, Mom! It’s been too long since we’ve seen you three. Any chance of a visit to Lake Chelan this summer (or early fall)? Please, please!