crazy people

the past week has felt really hectic.  i mentioned this to ned mid-week (who, incidentally, did have an actual chaotic week at work) and he asked what i meant. and i realized that while our lives have been pretty peaceful and uneventful, the lives of those around us — hoo boy!  in the past week, one of josephine’s friends was hospitalized, our dear friends packed for their upcoming move and TWO friends had babies. the sick friend is better, don’t even talk to me about allison and matt moving, and babies! two babies! nothing better than that.

desi hung out with us while his mom was in labor and josephine helped him perfect his baby-wearing techniques:

his mom anya birthed this beauty of a baby. meet theo:

i have yet to get my hands on the second new baby. i am quite impressed with his mama drie: she birthed him at home.  and he weighed 10 pounds, 10 ounces.

in addition to those happenings, i think i’m just adjusting to summer.  even though josephine and i only had a total of three hours of regularly scheduled programming each week, those two mornings of planned events provided a nice rhythm to our days. now, we’re footloose and fancy-free every single day and it makes me feel a little anchorless.  but we had the aforementioned events to keep us on our toes and this week we head to minnesota for a visit with my family.  and then we’ll be back and it’ll almost be july.  where has the year gone?

to wrap up our hectic yet not-busy week, today we went to what josephine referred to as a “crazy parade with crazy people.”  come with us, won’t you, to the fremont solstice parade.  (and yes, those bicyclists are naked.)




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