what’s that old saying about home?  home is the place where, when you arrive carrying a kid who came down with a 103 degree fever on the airplane, they have to take you in?  something like that anyway.  yes, josephine was sick while traveling AGAIN. but this disease only lasted two days and then we got on with our minnesota visit — snuggling with family, digging up worms in grandma’s garlic patch, going out to lunch, visiting laura’s little house in the big woods in wisconsin, eating lots of ice cream and playing with new friends.  good good times all around.  i’m so grateful for these people.

(but, no, this trip did not distract me from the fact that certain people have left seattle. there’s an allisonmattelijesse-sized hole here now.)


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2 Responses to “pilgrimage”

  • meg Says:

    is that laura’s cabin? oh, what a lucky girl, that joey. i can’t wait to share the stories and adventures when we get back… and oh, oh, oh how i wish you, anne, and i could take the girls to turtle park. IT’s AMAZING!

    we miss you guys bunches. anything we need to do while we’re here so you can vicariously re-live your pre-kid dating days in DC?

    we finally have power, ac, and everything else… em and i went on a EPIC trip to yoga and the grocery store today via stroller. i am still tired.

  • Meg Says:

    Love your family picture — glad you had a wonderful time! 🙂