we have a futon…

i just put my wool socks on because my toes were chilly, and not because i have the AC cranked up too high. quite the reverse; i’m tempted to turn on the heat. it’s 64 degrees and raining right now and i don’t know if i’ve ever liked seattle weather better. in the past week, two families we know have been without power in cities with 95+ temps. i think about them, and just about everyone else we know who doesn’t live here, as we pull on fleeces to go to the park and as i wonder if this salad, which was delicious, was the best choice for dinner the other night. perhaps a nice hearty soup would have been a better option?

i laughed the other day, the last day of june, as i picked up some shorts and tank tops for josephine from a neighborhood mom whose daughter had outgrown them. i was wearing a jacket and jeans and hoping that there will be a day or two in the next few months when it’ll be warm enough for such small amounts of fabric to be sufficient. josephine’s still sleeping in her footy pajamas and at bedtime we all curl up under the same quilt and comforter we used all winter.

have i convinced you nutty folks who live in warm places to come visit yet? it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70s the rest of the week…

(all that said, i did have a strange yearning yesterday for that bone-melting heat that makes everything still and amplifies the buzz of the insects. that heat that forces you to slow down and rest and eat cold sweet things.)

happy july. happy summer. stay cool.

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