enter: the sun

oh, sun, how did you know i needed you? i wrote that little ode to cool, rainy seattle last week and then, suddenly, the sun came out from behind the clouds it had been hiding behind since, oh, october, it’s warm but not hot, and life is glorious.

here’s how we’ve been enjoying the sun.

on the fourth of july (three cheers for mid-week federal holidays!) we went to the beach at discovery park where josephine dug in the sand. she also sampled the “orange nut” in the trail mix and discovered that it was candy! chocolate candy!  later, we had a picnic at the lake with friends.

on thursday, josephine and i explored volunteer park on capitol hill.  we played at the playground, enjoyed the greenery in the conservatory (and you know i taught josephine that it’s call the conservatory, because how awesome to hear her tell ned when he got home that we spent some time at the conservatory), went to the asian art museum and then had a picnic (and then a meltdown about not wanting to go home, but we don’t need to dwell on that).

friday morning, josephine looked over at the floor during breakfast and squealed, “there’s a sunshine wheelbarrow, mama!” indeed, there was. we gave it wheels and something to carry.

then we headed to capitol hill again to swing at cal anderson park, pose by the boom wall and then take in the first friday storytime at the frye museum.

friday evening, over dinner, ned told josephine that they were going to watch the tour de france in the morning and explained that it’s a bike race. she said, “will they be nudie patoodie bike riders or riding with their clothes on?” the fremont solstice parade has ruined her.

yesterday, after celebrating a friend’s birthday party on the shores of lake washington, i headed out to spend time with my friend drie who was home alone with our newest friend, little cedric. drie and i realized we have never spent time together with only one child around (she has two older kids) and it was pretty darn fantastic.

we picked blueberries this morning. my hoarding tendencies were battling it out with josephine’s unwillingness to pick for multiple hours, but we ended up with a good haul nonetheless. ned and i snuck a chocolate peanut butter shake into the front seat on the way home. when josephine wakes up we’re going to take her to the neighborhood wading pool. sunny seattle is pretty sweet.

(oh, and? this whole week? josephine’s been wearing underwear full-time. and she’s been keeping them dry. but i’m not going to say anything because i don’t want to jinx it. forget i told you.)

2 Responses to “enter: the sun”

  • meg Says:

    YEAH for sun, friends, food, holidays, and seattle in the summer (oh, and dry panties too). oh, how i wish we were in seattle sun rather than the dc heat wave. we miss you guys! but today — it’s 74 and rainy. hallelujah!

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i laughed out loud about the bike riders nudie patoodie. and i love the wheel barrow. and of course the garlic photo. you do so much with her i am amazed. good going, mama. come to mn again. and if the sun really hasn’t come out since october, there’s hard convincing me to move…..