who is this child and what has she done with my baby??  this morning, josephine cheerfully got up and decided she wanted to wear her laura dress (again). so she took off her pjs, took off her diaper (which she informed me was full of “grody pee”), neatly folded up the diaper and put it in the bathroom by the trashcan, got clean undies out of her drawer, put them on, and then made several valiant and calm attempts to get her dress on before politely asking for help.  i was floored.

also? she has recently decided she’s ready for the big kid swings. she even tried out the tire swings. livin’ on the edge. here are a few photos of her and meera (and rose!) on the swings the other day:

josephine, meera and sydney during a recent playdate:

and josephine laura and meera rockin’ out at the outdoor concert we went to last night:

also? the other day she actually enjoyed lying on her back in the bathtub:

i almost don’t want to mention it because i don’t want to jinx anything, but i feel like we’ve turned a corner out of the crappy just-let-me-survive-this-stage of extreme two-and-a-halfness of the past six months or so.  i could say more, but i’ll just say that it’s a VERY welcome change.

2 Responses to “growing”

  • meg Says:

    omg. i miss you guys so much! oh, summer concerts with joey and meera… and their moms. how i long to be there!

  • Meg Says:

    Josephine is growing up! Good for her. 🙂 This summer, everyone at our house became interested in only using “big” glasses, bowls, and plates. I’ve heard, “The little ones are for babies, Mom,” more times than I can count. Where has the time gone?