breaking news

i know i shouldn’t say anything so as not to jinx it, but: josephine, perhaps in celebration of her 2-month birthday, slept for six (SIX!) hours straight last night.  blissfully, so did i.  is it just me, or is the sun shining brightly today despite heavy cloud cover and steady rain?

3 Responses to “breaking news”

  • erika Says:

    i got 3 hours straight last night at the advanced age of 8 days. when i woke up and realized he was still alive & well, i almost cried. gotta love it.
    also, i love that her 2 month check-up put her at 11+ lbs…CP will be twice her size at this rate when we see you next month!! 😀

  • oma Says:

    wow, e! that’s great. go, CP! maybe the extra weight helps them sleep better… the first thing ned said when i realized it had been six hours was “well, is she alive?”

  • Meg Says:

    Whenever my kids did that, I would find myself awake, lying in bed, wondering why they weren’t awake … and then wondering why I was awake if they weren’t … and then getting up to check just to make sure they were breathing … and on and on! Good for you Josephine and good for you mama!