heck on two wheels

josephine got a new bike on saturday morning. she spent a large majority of her waking hours this weekend riding and/or talking about the bike. watch out, people of seattle: the sidewalks are no longer safe.


a few things she said while biking down the block:

“it’s really fascinating to ride a bike!”

“i’m learning how to ride a bike, dada!”

“i’m riding a bike!”

“i’m gonna zoom! 1, 2, 3, zooooom!”

“this is another way we take care of bikes if we’re going to crash into things.” (carries bike down the sidewalk)

“when you get littler, dada, i can put you in the bike trailer and pull you!”

think she’s getting any speed on that bike? think again. here’s a video of her first block of biking. it reveals her techniques: talk the entire time you’re biking and pick up the bike and move it any time you’re getting close to anything other than the middle of the sidewalk.  on second thought, people of seattle: carry on as usual.

4 Responses to “heck on two wheels”

  • Allison Says:

    I think Joey has a future as an aerobics instructor — she’s really good at talking-while-doing, highlighting appropriate form, and also making sure people understand the words she’s using 🙂

  • Anna Says:

    Ahhhh. I just love all the commentary while riding, walking, moving, learning. It makes me so happy to see this.

  • Erika Says:

    Oh my goodness. i couldn’t breathe for all the cuteness, i couldn’t stop giggling! ‘just a yittle cyoser.’ was my favorite part! 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    8-year-old Grace and I watched and giggled the whole time. She needs to come ride with us! 🙂