shows improvement

josephine didn’t ride her bike for a couple days and then, yesterday, hopped on and was a pro. she coasted a few times, didn’t have to get off and pick it up in order to re-orient herself, and even did a u-turn without any trouble at all.  this video is from last night.  we went out with the bike again today, along the paths through the park at the south end of lake union, and she was just so joyous while she rode. i’d like to approach at least a small percentage of my life with such unbridled enthusiasm.  “mama! i love my new bike! i am so proud of myself!”

music by andrew bird
dress tucked into pants by dad
chaperone services provided by ann

2 Responses to “shows improvement”

  • auntie mae Says:

    woohoo! go joey!!

    i love the dress tucked into her pants. reminds me of dad always riding his bike with his pant leg tucked into his socks. safety first.

  • kathleen Says:

    she’s clearly getting the hang of it, she will be zooming down the sidewalk in no time! (love the dress tucked into the pants.)