oh, rainier, you old seductress, you

i’m behind in blogging.  we’ve been busy and when we’re busy — and there’s more to blog about — there’s less time to sit down and blog. so here’s a photo-heavy post (of a very photo-worthy trip) to fill some space here until things quiet down and i have a few more spare moments.

we spent last weekend at a cabin just south of mount rainier with three fantastic families. the four of us women all went to grad school together and we spent some time marveling at how much life has changed since then. the kids had a wonderful time playing together, the adults talked and talked and we explored some beautiful places. see for yourself:

One Response to “oh, rainier, you old seductress, you”

  • Great Grandma Jackie Says:

    I do so enjoy your web sites. Keeping up with Josephine and her friends. What a big girl!!

    Much Love,