unofficial end of summer

this weekend, we waved goodbye to summer from our friends’ cabin on the hood canal and from the car windows as we drove home through surprisingly non-existent holiday weekend travel.  josephine enjoyed her first ride in a small boat and gorged on crabs fresh from the canal. i rediscovered the culinary delight that is potato chips and onion dip.  the overnight getaway was wonderful and recharged our batteries as we face down a week full of milestones.  someone turns three tomorrow, that same someone starts school on thursday (hold me!) and there are last-minute presents to finish and a first-day-of-school dress to sew and a birthday party to bake for and a first-day-of-school lunch to pack and a soon-to-be-three-year-old to hug and some lingering sunshine to enjoy.

thanks, emilee, joey (the big, male version) and megan, for the great trip.

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