wham bam

the kid turns three and then, the very next morning, we boot her out the door to preschool.  her birthday was sweet and low-key.  breakfast out with anne and meera and then a trip to the zoo.  she and i made veggie sushi (at her request) and had a sushi picnic once ned arrived home.  we got frozen yogurt for dessert — she chose chocolate and strawberry yogurt and wanted chocolate sprinkles and mini-m&ms on top.  full disclosure: she first wanted to top her yogurt with these clearish globs that looked like the blops in bubble tea but i talked her out of them.

as we were tucking her in last night and saying how much we were looking forward to her first day of school in the morning, she got a bit weepy and said that she’d like to just have another potluck at school instead of going by herself.

preschool day one went fairly well.  josephine was excited to arrive and could hardly be bothered to say goodbye to me and i left feeling good.*  apparently she did well for about an hour and then realized she was there and i wasn’t (and her doll wasn’t there, either. to be totally honest, i think she was more broken up about that than me being absent).  she cried and then pulled herself together and then cried again and then was distracted by something and then cried again, etc. etc.  the teachers gave her very high marks for continuing to hold it together. she sat out the first circle time, pretending instead to sleep in the little reading loft and gruffly hollering down on occasion, “you woke me up!”  but she got into the second circle time and helped set up the ant farm for the ants that will arrive in the mail soon.  she also was very enthused about the self-serve water jug and arrived home extremely hydrated. she wanted to eat lunch apart from the other kids so one of the teachers sat with her in the kitchen and they chatted about all sorts of things and the teacher taught her how to use the expression “rats!”

when i arrived, she tearfully told me she had felt “so sad,” but still she lingered in the classroom for a bit longer, not so horrified by the experience that she wanted to leave immediately. (i couldn’t help but notice that she gave her doll a bigger hug than she gave me…)  i am feeling so positive about the spot we’ve found for her; she was so well taken care of today. i’m curious about how day two will go. but that’s not until tuesday. before that, we have some 85+ degree weather to bask in, another potluck with more preschool folks, a birthday party for our three-year-old, and hopefully a few quiet moments, too.

*i also left with my mind boggled by the possibilities of four hours on my own on a beautiful day. i try not to think i squandered my time, but i did, at one point, find myself buying my child underwear.  woohoo. the list of what i will do with these precious hours is long. so very long.

4 Responses to “wham bam”

  • meg Says:

    oh, happy first day to you and joey. from your post, it’s wonderful to sense the rightness of the preschool. can’t wait to hear more about it. the first week of school is almost over!

  • Polly Says:

    yay for first days! They do get easier, pretty soon she’ll barely tolerate a hug before shooing you out the door.

    and yay for mama free time!

  • Christina Says:

    Congrats Josephine! What a big girl! She looks beautiful.

  • Meg Says:

    What a big girl. Change isn’t always the easiest thing. Grace cried every first day of school until she hit second grade. But she ended up loving every single year and every single teacher. It sounds like Joey is in the right place for her. 🙂 Have a great year!