grips and grasps

having mastered the art of pooping while eating, josephine is moving on to more advanced pursuits.  maybe i’m projecting, but when she sits in her bouncy chair and stares intently at the toys hanging in front of her and waves her little hands around, i just know she’s plotting her next big thing — grabbing.


i’ll probably miss the days when her flailing arms had no direction or intentions.  i’ll definitely regret encouraging her the way i did the other day when, while nursing her, a random arm swing landed her hand very near my dangling hair and i told her to get it! grab it!  grab mama’s hair!  …what was i thinking?

the other day we were hanging out on the floor together, shaking various toys and staring at them (good times!). i opened her little paw and stuck a little stuffed bunny in it.  she held on for a good five minutes and seemed slightly curious about the furry thing that kept hitting her in the face when she moved her arm.




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