on the road again

we just can’t sit still.  on sunday, we drove over the mountains to visit our friend robin and her about-to-be-three-year-old son izel in ellensburg.  it was a day of firsts: baby’s first mountain pass, baby’s first trip to eastern washington, baby’s first time riding in a car for two straight hours (mama’s first time having her pinkie used as a pacifier for 45 minutes).  and, if baby could see out the window, she would have witnessed her first snow.  she’s lucky we didn’t throw her in a snowbank at the top of the pass for the photo op.

we had a lovely little visit.  we had brunch at robin’s family’s restaurant (sazon) and went for a walk on campus. josephine seemed pretty immune to izel’s antics.  i have a feeling that will change soon.  he’s a pretty irresistible guy.



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