gettin’ old

in the past three weeks, all three of us in this household have added another year to our age (two of us more begrudgingly than the third) and the oldest two happily added another tally mark to the number of years of marriage under their belt.  no wonder we’re all a bit tired.

today is ned’s birthday. since i met him TWELVE years ago, he’s become a husband, a seattle resident, an apartment manager, a social worker, and a father. he remains compassionate, hilarious, gentle, ridiculously handsome, and the kindest person i’ve ever met. he’s my constant. and now we are, as we usually are, the same age again.  old.  happy birthday, ned, from your two biggest fans.

and now, a fun birthday game. josephine made a multi-part card for ned. can you spot the letters J-O-E-Y? (and a self-portrait?)

and the letters H-A-P-Y? (and a picture of ned on a sailboat?)

and the letters B-I-(R)-T-H-D-A-Y?

here are your cheat sheets:

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