new friends

josephine is excited (although she doesn’t really realize it) to welcome two new friends to the world.  my high school friend erika recently gave birth (after about two weeks in labor) to christopher peter.  they live in arizona but erika and i will be reunited in minnesota over the holidays where we will begin teaching our children the joys of “anne of green gables” and regaling them with tales of good old central high.

and, closer to home, my seattle friend anya gave birth to desmond just last friday. anya and i have walked countless loops around the lake near our house.  we walked when we were each thinking about getting pregnant, when we were trying to get pregnant, when we were maybe pregnant, when we were hopefully pregnant, when we weren’t pregnant after all, and when we were finally both pregnant.  i look forward to completing the cycle by circling the lake with her, both of us with babies in tow.

(i’ll save my plans to marry josephine off to either of these sure-to-be-fine young gentlemen for another post.)


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