and we’re off

tomorrow morning, we take off for a week and a half in maine. we’re going for a good friend’s wedding and staying, well, because it’s maine. ned and i have both spent time there. i took a memorable trip there when i was about 8 and then spent a summer working in bangor in college. ned went to college in maine. josephine has concocted some fantastic notion of what maine will be like because she might be more excited than any of us. this was our conversation when i went in to get her up from her nap this afternoon:

josephine: mama, what are we doing today?!
me: well… we could go to the lake. or the playground. or ride your bike. and we need to pack…
[josephine bursts into sad, pathetic tears.]
me: what? what’s wrong? what’s making you so sad?
josephine, sniffing: i want to go to maine today!
me: oh. well, we’re going tomorrow.
josephine, crying again: but that’s TOO LONG to wait!!

hopefully this trip will live up to all of our (extremely high) expectations. see you when we’re back (or maybe, just maybe, from the road).

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