i caught josephine’s cold and have schlumped through this week, feeling too cruddy to be very productive or complete anything fully, but not sick enough to justify lounging in bed all day.  ned has come home from busier-than-usual days at work to pathetically cobbled-together dinners (or at least the idea of dinner–he’s been the one to execute most of them) and a daughter who needed more attention than i was able to bestow during the day.  such half-hearted living makes me uncomfortable and it’s too easy to forget that this isn’t always the way life is. i do not know how people with chronic pain endure. yesterday and today i allowed myself some time to just recline and be inactive, since i wasn’t really getting anything done anyway.  yesterday i watched a few episodes of “call the midwife” while josephine napped and this morning, while she was at school, i sat myself down on the couch with some tea and a book and forbade myself to move until an hour had passed. and this evening i sent josephine and ned off to our monthly preschool potluck without me so i can continue to convalesce and, hopefully, feel better tomorrow. my mom’s on her way here on saturday and i must be well so we can play.

last sunday, when i was first starting to feel the twinge of a sore throat and a touch of a headache, we bundled up for our third-annual pumpkin patch outing with jami, ann, and dylan.  you can watch the girls grow:

we were bracing ourselves for freezing rain and mud to our knees, but instead enjoyed sunshine and fairly dry fields. we watched the nearby foothills get dusted with the first snow of the season and warmed up over lunch at the mount vernon coop (as essential to the trip as the pumpkins) afterward.  and, of course, we got pumpkins.

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