dorothy on halloween

of course she’s dorothy. and that tiger in the basket? that’s toto.

we went to school this morning for a halloween dance party.  each kid got to stand in the middle of the circle and talk about their costume. josephine said that we got the basket at goodwill and that i made her dress and that she got toto at a friend’s birthday party. she mentioned she was wearing tights. then she hiked up her dress and said, “and when i pull up my dress, you can see the whole of my tights.”  true, all of it.  (although i suspect the real dorothy was a bit more modest.)

we met anne and meera (aka chef bear) at whole foods for a pizza lunch and then the two girls ogled the gelato case.

this evening, we’re going to trick or treat in our building and then maybe in the neighborhood. it’s been raining all day–not the best weather for little girls from kansas. but she’s pretty motivated by candy. it might even get her past her fear of just about anyone in a costume.

happy halloween!

2 Responses to “dorothy on halloween”

  • Grandma Susan Says:

    i love the showing of the tights. she is darling. toto has a good mama there as he is loved. great dress, oma. i am so impressed. here’s hoping the rain let up a little so you were able to get out and experience halloween! xoxogma.

  • Erika Says:

    did you make that dress, you crazy crafter? you amaze! she is beyond adorable. i don’t have the word yet cause i’ll have to make one up cause that’s how cute she looks. 🙂