pictures of josephine doing things we did with grandma

my mom came to visit the weekend before last and we did all sorts of fun things but i mainly have pictures of josephine out and about and not many of my mom. she’s probably just fine with that. on sunday, we went to the ballard market and munched on quesadillas. we shopped in ballard (while josephine patiently waited).  on monday, josephine showed off her bike riding skills and then we enjoyed chocolate samples at theo and lunch at pecado bueno. we stopped at the rose garden and found all but four of the bushes rose-less.

having grandma here was so wonderful. and ned and i got a special treat — our first night away together since josephine was born.  why did we wait so long?  josephine and grandma got along perfectly and ned and i did, too. i didn’t bring my camera on our getaway, but here’s what i would have taken pictures of: us in our fancy going-out clothes (such a rare event), our delicious sandwiches at homegrown, the costumed party-goers walking by on the street outside, the sparkling lights at the paramount theater where we went to see “wicked,” the view from our 17th floor hotel room (thank you, megan, for making that possible!), our impossibly delicious breakfast at macrina, and maybe one sappy shot of our hands folded up together as we walked down the quiet sunday-morning streets of downtown seattle. thanks, mom, for the visit and for the gift. you come back anytime.

3 Responses to “pictures of josephine doing things we did with grandma”

  • auntie mae Says:

    love love love the joey-grandma pictures!!!

  • Erika Says:

    the happy face pic of the two of them made my heart sing!
    and yes–aren’t the nights away just magical? they live without us and we get to LIVE without them (in a nice, normal, adult way, i mean).
    so glad you had a wonderful visit!!!

  • Carrie Says:

    me too, me too! i love, love, love the grandma/joey pictures. those smiles can’t get much bigger! 🙂