must write post about sister and brother-in-law’s visit. but for now, two recent exchanges with josephine that made me giggle.


i brought josephine in to use a state park bathroom last weekend and there was pee all over the seat (not ours!) so i held her over the toilet while she peed (and thankfully didn’t drop her).  as she pulled her pants up…

josephine: should we wipe that pee off the seat?
me: um… no. it was there when we got here, so we’ll just leave it.
josephine: maybe the old woman who lives in the woods can clean it up.
me: the who?
josephine: or the park strangers could do it.


josephine: i’m blowing you a kiss! catch it before it gets away!
me: [grabs invisible kiss from air and slaps it on my cheek.]
josephine: [also grabs kiss from air and slaps it on her cheek.]
me: hey! that was my kiss! i already got it.
josephine: that’s ok, mama. i was just getting the leftovers.

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