more minnesota visitors

my sister maeta and her husband tyler came to visit last weekend and, as is always the case when they’re here, we had a great time.  i like to tell myself that they came all the way here so that i could pet my sister’s pregnant belly, but something tells me that their visit had a little more to do with this small being:

but i’m ok with that. i kind of like that kid, too.

my sister, as predicted, is extremely cute when pregnant.

we took a day trip to deception pass, which is not too far away, but far enough that it feels like a good jaunt out of the city. the next day, the menfolk wanted to do a brewery tour, so the ladies had lunch while the boys drank beer. we kicked the soccer ball around discovery park and ate lunch in ballard. and, although nobody except maybe my mom will understand how noteworthy this was, maeta asked me if we could go to a fabric store together. um, yeah.

after a long weekend of fun and shenanigans, maeta and tyler left and now i am a little homesick and a little worried about how it’s going to feel when that lovely belly is a lovely baby and i’m reminded for the millionth time of just how many states stand between washington and minnesota.

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