oh, thanks

we had such a nice, quiet thanksgiving. our new tradition, now two years old, is to walk to meet ann, jami and dylan at the park half-way between our homes. (oddly, josephine and dylan each showed up carrying identical stuffed tigers in baskets.) we started out at the coffeeshop for some warm drinks — kids’ table! — and then moved on to the park.   our family and theirs both have thanksgiving dinner with friends in the evening and getting together in the morning and playing for a bit is such a nice way to start the day and, well, feel thankful. for nearby friends, for playgrounds, for hot apple cider, for ann’s pumpkin muffins, for a husband who will take your kid to pee in the bushes, for friend who will help pick up the spilled contents of toto’s basket, for the view of mountains from the top of the hill.

we scurried home to eat lunch, get josephine down for her nap and then do our work in the kitchen.  we made this kale salad, this pumpkin pie and this cranberry tart and they were all delicious.  josephine most enjoyed the pumpkin pie, i really liked the cranberry tart. and that kale salad? i could eat it every day. we tossed in some chickpeas roasted in garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and a bit of cumin and oh dear. ned and i worked together in our little kitchen and managed not to chop each others’ fingers off (although i did nearly (unintentionally!) stab him in a knife incident).  we listened to christopher kimball talk about how to cook a turkey and folks who grow enormous pumpkins (did you know giant pumpkins can grow 30-40 pounds a day) and i was pretty much in cooking heaven.

once josephine was awake and the pies were out of the oven and the salad was tossed, we went over to our friends traci and george’s house. they recently moved from south seattle to just-down-the-road and it was a very pleasant treat to have a quick trip.  there were two preschoolers, three babies and just enough grownups to fit around the table. the food was all excellent — smoked turkey and lots of perfectly-cooked vegetables and not a jelly salad or green bean casserole in sight.  after two babies left and another went to sleep, josephine and rowan played peacefully together and the adults actually got to have a fairly uninterrupted conversation.  and that’s what i call a successful night.

when we suspected the kids might be getting tired…

…we rolled home, happy and grateful for our seattle community. the ultimate thanksgiving is, in our minds, spent with family, but good friends run a very close second.

what did you do? what did you eat? have you recovered yet?

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