just call her georgia

josephine’s friend dylan is a very talented artist and i’m beginning to think that hanging out with her and seeing her friends at school draw is starting to inspire some more complex drawing. here are a few pictures of her and dylan’s work together and then a few of my recent favorites.

here’s one from school featuring rose wearing sunglasses.  josephine and rose have been dancing lately and you can see rose’s little red arms reaching up for josephine’s long red arms (on the left) to swing her around.

this is santa.  he’s wearing a red hat and has a “whiskery beard.”  he’s saying “ho ho.”  his arms come out of his head.  joey’s signature is on the left side.

this one is from today and is, i think, my favorite yet.  it’s a picture of fella (her doll) saying “waaaah!”  she’s opening up her mouth and showing her teeth.  this one was drawn while josephine was wearing her halloween costume, so dorothy signed her name to the left.


One Response to “just call her georgia”

  • auntie mae Says:

    nooo way she drew those! she’s so talented! that last one of fella is amazing – i don’t think i could represent fella’s frustration that well.