december?! what the…

how the heck is it december? everyone’s talking about december and christmas and i keep thinking, “wow, they’re really on top of things, to be planning so far in advance.”  ha.  as my friend anne recently wrote me in an email, “my one consolation re: how fast time seems to be moving right now is that it only means downton abbey starts sooner.”  amen. (january 6th, if you don’t know.) anyway, i need a new calendar because it’s almost a new year and that means i’m out of calendar pages in t-minus 25 days.  i keep telling josephine we will make a paper chain to count down to christmas eve/when we leave to see her cousins and, if i put it off much longer, we’ll only have to make about three links.  the good news: our holiday cards are back from the printers and we’ve addressed a few. and today i got stamps so we can actually send them.

i was out running errands this morning while josephine was in school (i bought some stocking stuffers! i’m SO AHEAD OF THE GAME!).  i got to listen to my dorky food-loving self’s idea of a good time: the spilled milk podcast.  i had a few things to return at the swanky mall near our house and i slumped through the mall feeling, as i always do every time i’m there, like the biggest fashion outcast.  one should never wear… well… anything i wear on a daily basis to this place or one will feel very uncool.  anyway.  all this is to say that while i was enjoying my morning to chores, josephine was enjoying her morning at school.  she has been excited to go lately and this makes me very happy.  she skips away from me when we arrive instead of clinging to me tearfully.  and when we leave (she does a half-day and most kids do a full day), the rest of the kids are playing outside and the teacher prompts them to say goodbye to joey and there’s this sweet chorus of little voices bidding her farewell and offering high-fives.  i love that place.  i love that it’s mixed age so that josephine’s getting cared for by older kids who know the ropes and i love imagining her in a few years getting to be that big kid.  and, let’s face it, even in my schlumpy jeans and my extremely uncool shoes, i love having some time to myself.

what else?  oh, we did a slew of socializing this week.  in addition to having dinner at a friend’s house on sunday (happy birthday, megan!), we had two families over for breakfast on sunday.

on monday morning, josephine and i hosted a play date.  theo looked cute, desi and brixton pretended to be seaweed monsters (even though i vacuumed right away, i’m still finding little seaweed bits around the house) and the kids showed off their funny faces.

that afternoon, we got to meet dylan’s canine cousin (her mom’s sister’s dog. that’s her dog cousin, right?). josephine was mainly delighted/ partly terrified and has renamed toto (who is actually a stuffed tiger, poor thing) after her.  toto is now known as rosalee.

but before any of that, we got a christmas tree.  we couldn’t find our very small stash of ornaments the night we brought it home so we improvised with some of my grandma’s old spools of thread and some strings of popcorn.  the tree helps me remember it really is december. already.


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  • Erika Says:

    spools of thread–you crazy crafter genius! love it. it all sounds wonderful and someday i want to be one of the families coming to your house for breakfast on Sunday! miss you!