holiday storytime

pour yourself some eggnog, get a plate of cookies and gather ’round.  josephine has a story about old saint nick to tell you.  actually, this poem is read by a small and extremely bright baby raccoon named bliss.  he’s reading for his mama, avila.  enjoy (and, seriously, sit back. it’s a long one.)

can you guess what we’ve been reading a lot of?  one of my favorite things about this are the quizzical looks she gives me when she doesn’t remember the next line.

4 Responses to “holiday storytime”

  • Erika Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! That made my day! My favorite part was her seeming a tiny bit tickled by the idea of the ‘peddler.’ Her pronunciation is so amazing and that is a HUGE poem to memorize! she would do really well in Larry’s class when it’s time to memorize things for extra credit. 🙂
    thank you for all that joy this morning! she is so darling!

  • Aunt Jann Says:

    I just heard Josephine’s rendition of The Night Before Christmas. That girl is AMAZING! She’s a budding actress. No problem memorizing lines. I was thinking about how difficult a lot of those words are, and she had no problem with most of them. I bet you’ve done a lot of explaining of what each part means, too. What a great Mom! We just got your card yesterday. Love it! I DO hope you will “come East” to our side of the mountains for a visit next year. And now Cressant and family are so much closer to you, too, down in Portland. Thanks for sharing, dear Oma. And very Merry Christmas to you, Ned and Joey!

  • Jayme Says:

    Amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!