hanukkah: a primer

josephine and her classmates have been studying and celebrating holidays from around the world. today they made latkes and learned about hanukkah.  here’s her report, verbatim.

me: what did you learn about hanukkah today?

josephine: we had some pinecones we were pretending to be people and a cloth was their land and some other people came and said you can’t do this anymore.

me: can’t do what?

josephine: they couldn’t stay on their land anymore. there was one candle. we put it on a little thing that looked like a mushroom only it didn’t have those black things. and then there was lots of candles put in that thing that looked like a mushroom. and ms marion lit all of the candles with a candy cane candle. and then she put the work away.*

me: what happened when the people had to leave their land?

josephine: they were afraid. they left and they went back to their home.

me: how long do you celebrate hanukkah?

josephine: you celebrate for five and one week and the candy cane candle lasts for one week. they lived in the desert. it was very cold in the desert at night.

me: is there something about a lamp in the story? or oil?

josephine: there is something about oil. the candle lasts for one week. there’s not enough oil in it. there’s only one drop of oil. and it lasted for one week.

me: that doesn’t sound like enough oil to last for a week. how did it last?

josephine: i don’t know how.

me: what were the people called?

josephine: juden people.

me: jewish people?

josephine: yes! jewish.



*josephine’s school is montessori and they call the classroom materials “works.”


2 Responses to “hanukkah: a primer”

  • Meg Says:

    In Luke’s kindergarten class, they sang and played with the dreidel. Would Miriam be proud? 🙂 Happy holidays.

  • oma Says:

    meg! i miss you. i’m not sure miriam would recognize her holiday (this rendition of it, anyway). 🙂 happy holidays to you and your cuties (and that includes matt, too).