new face

josephine has discovered her ability to make a new noise: mouth farts. she purses up her little lips and forces some air (and spit) through. it’s hilarious and she gets that it is.  both making the sound and having someone else make the sound cracks her up (silently–she’s not giggling yet. we’re anxiously awaiting that development).  when we start making farting noises, she joins in. we’re a veritable symphony of gastro-intestital distress around here.  ned’s parents are in town and now the poor kid has four people constantly spitting on her in attempts to make her smile.







3 Responses to “new face”

  • jayme Says:

    adorable! i’m in Philly for Thanksgiving and my mom just loves the photos, too!! xoxo gobble gobble

  • auntie mae Says:

    yes! this is fabulous news! i am so excited to spit at my niece AND get her to giggle!
    can’t wait to see you three very soon! 🙂

  • Meg Says:

    Just priceless!
    Around here, Callie has discovered that she can scale anything … and I mean ANYTHING! I thought Luke was a climber, but no … this girl is definitely considerint Mt. Everest for her second birthday. Yesterday I found her on top of my piano. Not on the keyboard, but the very top of the instrument. She was trying to get the antique teacups I have on a little shelf up above. Nothing is safe! I wish we were still enthralled by mouth farts!