a new year tune

here are a few photos of our holiday in kansas city. we all had a lovely time catching up and hanging out, but i suspect that josephine had the best time reconnecting with her cousins and being surrounded by loving family.  she sort of glows a bit in the photos, doesn’t she? our hosts, ned’s brother greg and his wife christina, did an amazing job of creating a visit that involved a perfect blend of down time, excited christmas celebrations, delicious food and adventures around the city. hosting well is a gift and, when you consider the fact that they also parent five delightful children, it’s clear they’ve got the gift. we’re grateful we had time with them and with ned’s parents.

lots more photos on the flickr page.

i caught some bug on our way back from kansas city and have been mainly horizontal for the last four days.  as a result, i’ve rung in the new year with a lot more reading of books and listening to music than with any partying or socializing.  and ned’s been spending a lot more time caretaking his fellow family members than was intended for this second half of our holiday week. he’s a good man. i keep coming back to this song on the latest sara watkins cd and it seems to me a perfect song for the start of something new. give thanks, acknowledge the past, stretch into the new day, pick up your tools and get to work:

Take Up Your Spade

i’m sending this one out to my dear sister, who is waiting for her time to get to work having a baby.  soon soon.

2 Responses to “a new year tune”

  • Christina Says:

    Taking beautiful photos that capture beautiful moments is such an amazing talent too! We loved having you all here and miss you all! We will be looking forward to our next visit. Can’t wait to see photos of your new niece or nephew VERY soon!

  • grandma susan Says:

    What a nice Kansas City family, Oma. I am so glad you were all together. I love your photos and writing here. And you are correct–miss j does glow. Xoxm.