dancing queen

josephine used to dance a lot, then she didn’t dance for a while. and then she started school and came home requesting that we all “free dance” together. i later realized they were “freeze” dancing at school. for the past few months, she’s been a dancing fool.  she prefers to dance in skirts or dresses that twirl, so i made her this ultra-twirly skirt for christmas (tutorial here, if you’ve got a dancer who needs some swirl). she throws it on over whatever she’s wearing. this evening, it was over the long underwear she’d napped in.  she topped it off with her elf hat that i’m probably going to have to hide come spring.  she requested some music from “wicked” and got to dancing. the look is fantastic, don’t you think?

oh, what the heck. you probably need to see a movie of this dancing action:

she’s her father’s child.

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