josephine has what i have diagnosed as croup. it hasn’t been a particularly bad case, as far as croup goes.  no middle of the night steam sessions or trips to urgent care. but she’s sick and barking when she coughs and slightly miserable. but after three days, she’s on the mend.  today she assumed this rather strange position and began listening to her own heart, taking her own blood pressure and giving herself shots.  she was trying to figure out how to look in her own ears.  perhaps she would enjoy it if i implemented a more medical-based approached to her care?

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  • meg Says:

    today, after what seems like a week of daddy sickness at in our house em diagnosed yollie with a really bad headache, a cough, a cold, and a flu. i became the doctor, and em brought her in for a check up. there were medically necessary snuggles, shots, bandaids, etc. glad to know i am not the only one with a 3 year old doctor on the loose. hope you guys are back to normal soon.