mazel tov

the three of us attended the wedding of our friends adam and melissa a few weekends back.  the ceremony was beautiful and fit them so perfectly. the sky was clear and there was a gorgeous sunset (in january! in seattle!) and we enjoyed an expansive view of lake washington and the cascade range.  josephine danced more enthusiastically than i’ve ever seen her dance and she had so much fun.  i haven’t been to a wedding in a long time where i came home with more shots of my child than the bride, and it was a very nice change of pace to actually get to pay attention to the words of the ceremony and not just the lighting and framing the best shots.  we had such a fantastic time that we decided we need to actively seek out some about-to-be-married jewish friends just for the klezmer music at their weddings.

(josephine picked one “pet” to bring to the wedding and it happened to be wilbur, a stuffed pig.  it wasn’t until half-way through the wedding that we realized it might not have been the most kosher choice…)

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