last friday, in bellevue

the friday before last, josephine and i drove across lake washington to bellevue. works by one of my favorite artists, nikki mcclure, were on display at the bellevue art museum and it was first friday (read: free museum) and so we made a morning of it. we went for a walk at mercer slough, a place i have fond memories of walking after we took josephine for her first swim. we could see the blueberry bushes that we’ve picked berries from in the summer and learned that in the winter the bushes are leafless and red.

after our “nature” walk (in quotes because you can hear the roar of traffic and see downtown bellevue from the boardwalk), we continued on to the museum.  i was charmed. i hadn’t been there before and was impressed by the space and by all the opportunities josephine had to touch and do things.  they had a woman teaching people how to make flowers out of coffee filters at a table in the lobby. we made several. josephine also got to wrap string and yarn around nails in the wall outside an exhibit of fiber arts. and in the nikki mcclure exhibit, she got to snip her own designs into black paper.  throughout the fiber arts exhibit, artists were demonstrating how they did their work, creating art right in front of us. [sidenote: josephine and i had just that morning had a conversation at breakfast about dying hair. i have no idea how it started, but i told her that when she was older she could dye her hair if she wanted to. she decided she’d dye it pink. and there was one of the artists, felting wool, with bright pink hair.]  the nikki mcclure exhibit was wonderful.  i’ve seen a lot of her work reproduced, but loving seeing the originals — she cuts designs into a single piece of black paper with an exacto knife.

after the museum, we had our first picnic of 2013 — leftover pesto pasta that we ate sitting on a random bench in downtown bellevue.

oh, and i took a lot of pictures. (josephine’s outfit cracks me up. she really wanted to wear her “laura dress” which is getting way too small, but needed to be warm for our walk.  hence the layered look that did not at all help us blend in on the suburban streets of bellevue.)

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  • Erika Says:

    oh my. i had never heard of her. then i went to her website and some of her motherhood pieces made me cry. not that i’m hormonal or anything. but they are just beautiful. and i cannot even fathom having enough patience to see all that through…all the cutting. they are amazing. thanks for the intro!