a few thoughts on the oscars

i used to watch all the movies nominated for best picture before the oscars. this year, i was really proud of myself for having seen two of them. but then realized there were nine nominated.  (back in my day, they only nominated five.)


pre-child, i’d host oscar parties with my roommates and then with my husband. we’d make ballots and everyone would vote.  in DC, we’d stay up way too late to watch the final awards get handed out. we’d encourage people to bring food related to one of the best picture nominees.  one year, someone (ned?) brought “crouching tofu, hidden broccoli.”


i felt incredibly old when i wasn’t quite sure who the guy hosting the oscars was this year. there was even a commercial: “i’m seth macfarlane (ask your kids) and i’m hosting the oscars (ask your parents).”  my (much younger) sister had to fill me in.


the last episode of “downton abbey,” which i’d already seen, was on at the same time as the oscars tonight and i kept flipping to that during commercials and then forgetting to change the channel back to the awards.


overheard at our house at about 5:30 this evening:

me: i’m going to watch the opening thing.

ned: as in, billy crystal? or magic carpet?

3 Responses to “a few thoughts on the oscars”

  • Allison Says:

    It was Ned who made that dish, and I believe it was actually “crouching tofu, hidden baby” (as there was a tiny plastic baby embedded in one of the tofu chunks). I guess that was before there was a public health professional among us :-/

  • Jayme Says:

    I also remember proclaiming that I was going to make a penis shaped cake in honor of “The Pianist”. Never did it.

    I didn’t understand Ned’s “magic carpet” reference at first. Then, as with most of Ned’s jokes, I laughed and shook my head at the same time. Oh, that Ned… (It is getting so hot, i’m gonna make a paper fan!)

    …and what’s wrong with plastic babies in food? King Cake is one of the best things ever!!!

  • Oma and Ned Says:

    hidden baby! of course! i knew it was more exciting than broccoli. i probably didn’t approve of plastic babies in food even back then. 🙂

    jaymes, i LOVE that every time you bring up the paper fan line, i’ve forgotten about it and get to be amused about it all over again. thank you for your memory. when are you coming to seattle?