joey at the half

Today, Josephine is three-and-a-half!  Some baby journal notes…


Words she is saying — and usually using correctly — that amuse me:
Realized (“I realized that Rose was about to fall, so I grabbed her.”)
Amazing/Amazed (“Tell me that again — I’m amazed!”)
Confused/Confusion (“Mama, I’m confused about how Maria sang that song.”)
Suddenly (“She looked around and suddenly she saw that there was an enormous beast!”)
Illness (“I need to lay on the couch. I have a great illness.”)

And one time last week from the backseat of the car, “Oh, that’s heinous.”


Words she is saying and not using correctly that amuse me:
“Hope” instead of “wish” (“I hope I was meera right now. I like that snack she has.”)
“Yet” instead of “again” (“How did that song go yet?”)


Word she has made up and uses consistently:
Calendy: usually used to describe a type of water that is for kids and not grown-ups. Calendy water is usually indistinguishable (to me, anyway) from non-calendy water but sometimes can be identified by the presence of a straw in the glass.


Current loves:
Dancing. She loves dancing. Dancing in the house involves clearing everything off the floor in the living room and then running and galloping in excited circles to fast songs. Right now her favorite thing to listen to is “The Sound of Music” soundtrack.  I’ll say, “What do you want to listen to?” and she’ll say, “The Sound of Music, of course.” She has been pretending to be Liesl for the past week and Rose is now her youngest sister Gretl. But Josephine can never remember the name Liesl.  She runs up to us many times a day and asks, like a preschooler amnesiac, “What’s my name yet?”

Stuffed animals and dolls. We could probably get rid of 80% of her current toys and as long as we kept her heap of stuffed toys, she wouldn’t really mind. I looked for weeks on Craigslist to find a play kitchen for her and she’s hardly touched the thing. Now, if I’d come home with an armful of baby zoo animal toys, she’d be in heaven. (“I hope I had a baby lion cub.”)

Telling stories about Rose. Rose is both her doll and her imaginary companion.  Rose has done all sorts of things that you’d never think a mere doll capable of. Her closet alone is a wonder. It contains windows, trees, picture frames, a scary beast, a chair, grass and a bed. Stories about the Wizard and Dorothy have mainly been replaced by stories of ridiculous things that have happened to Rose lately. Sometimes Rose goes to visit the Wizard.

Being obstinate.


Misheard lyrics (both from “The Sound of Music” (of course)):
“When the doll bites, when the bee stings…”
“So long, there will, auf wiedersehen, goodnight…”


Past age-and-a-halves:

3 Responses to “joey at the half”

  • Erika Says:

    oh goodness, where did we get these super-old babies???

    Our latest favorite words are “panic” (mama! stop panicking!) and ‘disgusting’ (ewww! that’s disgustinger and disgustinger!)

  • grandma susan Says:

    I love this post. Miss j’s mind is amazing. You know her well.
    Much love your way.

  • meg Says:

    you document this kids life so well. well done mama, well done.
    happy 1/2 miss little joey!