to catch a smile

josephine is all smiles these days. my favorite one is the one she gives me first thing in the morning.  she’s much quieter in the morning than in the middle of the night and i usually don’t wake up until she’s already awake, lying there patiently in her cradle.  i pop my head into her line of sight and say good morning and she breaks into the biggest grin.

when i tried to capture some smiles and dimples today, she started chatting with me and made some fantastic faces, but she just wouldn’t smile.







(that fourth expression, where she looks upset, is actually her very impassioned, serious coo. it’s like the baby version of, “i can’t believe he said that to you! you must have felt awful! i feel your pain!”)

she’s modeling some new next-size-up clothes.  we’re so lucky to have anna, lea and kailyn providing her with fantastic hand-me-downs. and it’s good we have plenty of clothes because josephine has just developed the ability to shoot poop out of her diaper and up her back.  good times!  between that and spit-up, she was in her third outfit by noon.

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