a menu from our vegetarian

josephine, rose, fella and toto all had dinner the other night. she told us about their feast this evening. this was the menu:

roast wolve* that fella got in the forest
roast chicken from the woods (to go with their chicken wolve soup)
roast pig
roast cow
brown pie with sugar M&Ms

as revealed in the comments of the previous post, josephine (and ned and i) are mainly vegetarian so i find this menu hilarious.

this also seems like the perfect time to unveil a new blog feature. in the sidebar (over there, to the right), i’m going to link to the recipe for something we’re going to have/have recently had for dinner. (pictures will be from the recipe post, not my own, usually.) if you’re anything like me, you appreciate a little inspiration in the menu department. i’ll try to keep it updated. i will not, sadly, be featuring any recipes for roasted any-sort-of-animal.

*a singular wolf, but pronounced like you’re saying “wolves” without the “s.”

2 Responses to “a menu from our vegetarian”

  • meg Says:

    we can make this menu at our house… maybe. minus the wolve. bbq plans for this summer? i think so.

  • Jayme Says:

    YAY! I love the new feature. It’s just like the old days when we were just a cube wall away from each other. Now, we’re several states apart, but i will LOVE knowing what you’re eating!!