a what’s-been-happening photo dump

i took many hundreds of photos in the past month and only a handful have been shared.  here are a few more, just some peeks into our days (the happy, sweet parts, anyway).

josephine spotted photos of a little knit hedgehog and requested one for herself. i couldn’t resist.

meera came over a couple times, which was great — the two of them have opposite school schedules and don’t get to hang out much anymore, and they had fun with play dough and playing doctor.

we had lunch downtown with my friend renee and then got to check out the view from her office’s conference room on the 60th floor.

i taught joey about the joys of a patch of sunshine.

she took a call on her block phone while making a play dough cake.

ned turned rose and fella into marionettes and they put on a puppet show, sound of music style.

i had some work to do, so we packed up the laptop and the play dough (which apparently has been popular lately) and the dolls and headed to a local coffee shop.  it all went great for about 10 minutes until josephine spilled her drink, decided she was done with the play dough and then announced loudly that she had to poop.

we went to a celebration at seattle children’s for a beautiful new wing they just completed. (we toured the ER and the pediatric intensive care unit and i kept commenting on how nice it all was. and how i never wanted to be there again.)  josephine got to give rose a check-up at the kids’ clinic.

that glittery fairy birthday party…

lots of time has been spent coloring and writing at the little art table.

and, finally, all the cats in bed together!

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