last month’s news

i can’t believe i forgot to tell you about how josephine was “kid of the week” at school last month.  last month!  i’ve had these sweet photos for a month and have been holding out on you.  so sorry.  kid of the week is a lovely tradition wherein the said kid gets to create a poster about themselves that hangs in the classroom for the week.  they get to have a special kid of the week circle where they tell everyone, in great detail, about the things on their poster.  parents are invited to this circle so ned took the morning off work and we sat amidst squirmy preschoolers and watched josephine be her cool school self (circle time also included a dance party).  at the end of circle, the other kids and teachers give that week’s kid some “appreciations.”  hearing these appreciations were my favorite part of the whole deal. some of the appreciations josephine received:

“joey is really sweet and loving.”

“i like joey because she’s nice and i like her and sometimes when i bring my fuzzy toys she asks if she can hold them and i say yes.”

“it’s just because i love her.”

“she is safe and kind and responsible”

“she’s really loving to me and really nice to me.”

how great would it be to hear things like that about yourself?  safe? kind? loving? good at asking to hold fuzzy toys?  all awesome.

although she’s the kid of the week every single week of the year around here, it was wonderful to watch her be honored. she was pretty thrilled about it, too (a nice change from last fall’s sob-fest during her birthday circle).



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