spring fever

what a week.

on monday, i took josephine to the doctor’s office to begin the process of scheduling her for hernia surgery. it’s something we’ve known we’re going to have to do for a while and, with two painful hernia incidents in the previous week, it’s time to get going.  i am not at all enthused about any part of it, but i admit that it will be nice to not have it hanging over us anymore (or poking out of us, as the case may be).

on tuesday morning, i sent a seemingly healthy josephine to school, but when i arrived there an hour and a half later to do some crafting with the kids, she was laying on the rug and moaning. i got the rest of the group started crafting and then carried a droopy, warm josephine home.  her temp was 102.6 (hi, doctor’s office! thanks for the germs!).  she spent the rest of that day and most of the day yesterday hot and uncomfortable in bed.  she probably had more hours of screen time than she’s had in the rest of her life combined.  i introduced her to mr. rogers and they got along great (and i realized i still know all the words to his songs). we read an entire 89-page book (my father’s dragon) and finished another chapter book (jenny and the cat club).

the highlight of the day:

last night, she started to perk up.  i was hopeful today would be better.

and then today.  i don’t know if she melted some brain cells during the fever or if there was still some bug in her body making her crazy, but SHE WAS CRAZY.  stepping back, i’m sure what she was doing is just a normal tantrum for your run-of-the-mill three-year-old.  but josephine’s not really a tantrumer.  oh, she’s as sassy and screechy and temperamental as any good kid, but she’s not a scream-for-20-minutes-while-kicking-things kind of kid.  today she was.  actually, it started in the middle of the night when she woke us up shrieking but not making much sense. after about 20 minutes of writhing and wailing (hi, neighbors! sorry about that!), she finally was able to tell us that she was hungry. she gobbled down the food we gave her and had a pretty quiet rest of the night. but this morning, hoo boy.  i didn’t give her the milk she asked for and that warranted a long screaming fit.  if she were a more practiced tantrumer, i think the living room would have been destroyed; she had that much rage in her. i’m thankful she’s a wuss dainty.  we somehow got out the door to walk around the lake with a friend (a walk which restored and bolstered my sanity), during which josephine was a pretty major pill.  there was another screaming fit before lunch about how she didn’t want to eat what i was offering even though it was exactly what she had asked for. and then she didn’t want to eat the second lunch i had prepared exactly to her specifications. (getting food into her was more important at this point than making her eat the first lunch.) and then there was more screaming about which friends she was going to nap with. there was some kicking of the sides of the bed and of whatever body parts of mine i was stupid enough to get close to her feet.  and then, finally, she slept.  she woke up twice from her nap raging and yelling nonsense for a few minutes and then, both times, rolled over and politely asked me to tuck her in again.  after sleeping for over three hours, she awoke a semi-normal josephine.

now i’m hopeful that tomorrow will be better.

One Response to “spring fever”

  • Erika Says:

    oh goodness, sick babies. they’re the best half the time and the worst the rest. snuggly and all they want is you, but demanding as all get out. sigh.
    glad to hear she’s on her way back to the somewhat normal? 🙂 love & healing to all! (especially you where you got kicked! ow!)