food, three ways


ned got home from work this evening and i gave him and josephine kisses and dashed out the door.  my favorite cookbook author, deborah madison, was speaking at a nearby cookbook shop (a book store entirely devoted to cookbooks!) and i was excited.  deborah madison’s vegetarian cooking for everyone is my go-to what-are-we-going-to-have-for-dinner book.  if i were stranded on a desert island, it is the cookbook i would bring (provided, of course, this desert island was the type with a plethora of healthful ingredients and basic cooking implements).  she has a new book out, vegetable literacy, and this is mainly what she talked about: learning about botany and plant families, growing food and cooking from her garden.  it was fun to be surrounded by fellow deborah groupies.  while i was standing in line to get my copy of vegetable literacy signed, i had some regrets. i should have brought my dog-eared well-loved copy of vegetarian cooking for everyone instead. i should be buying many copies of her new book and sending them to loved ones (sorry, loved ones). regrets aside, i’m happy to have her name scrawled in my newest cookbook and glad to have an evening immersed in something i enjoy that doesn’t involve josephine.


i made pasta for dinner the other night. i’ve been wanting to make homemade pasta for a while; it’s been a long time.  so, using a recipe in the above-mentioned tome, i made pasta.  i topped it with asparagus from the farmers market, some goat cheese and some pine nuts and we all licked our plates clean.


thanks to our generous friends jami, ann and dylan, we now have  little garden plot. their family has been on the waiting list for a p-patch plot (seattle’s community gardens) for years and years and finally got a plot.  they invited us to inhabit a small corner of their plot and we’re plotting (heh) a little grazing garden. we hemmed and hawed for a bit about whether we wanted to garden this summer but when josephine guessed that maybe a tomato tree would grow out of the pea seeds she helped plant at school, i knew we had to do it.  we’ve gone a few times already and planted some pea seeds (which will hopefully yield, wait for it, pea plants, not tomato trees) and some chard and kale.  we’re also going to plant some tomatoes and some herbs.  we have a farm box that provides us with lovely produce all summer and we like shopping the farmer’s markets. the goal isn’t a big harvest, but rather a chance for josephine to see things grow, to get her hands dirty and for all of us to experience the joy of picking our food and taking a big bite, right there in the sun and dirt.



this article about feminism and the food movement (and michael pollan’s status as sexist pig) seems like a relevant link to include here.

2 Responses to “food, three ways”

  • Allison Says:

    How did I not know that you love the big orange book so much? I mean, I knew you liked it, but I didn’t realize it was your go-to. I’ve gotten so far down the Smitten Kitchen rabbit hole, I have sort of forgotten about poor Deborah. This makes me think I should go back and visit her.

    As for the article you posted, that was fascinating. I don’t think I’d heard the obesity critique of feminism before. I think this quote from the article summarizes a big reason why we haven’t quite assimilated into our new home yet “Food choices have become important political acts, with deep moral and environmental consequences.”

    Thus ends what I expect is the longest comment ever on your blog 🙂

  • Carrie Says:

    Must talk to you about garden options~ we had our yard put in last week (yea!) and I had them put in a little raised bed for us to plant foods and flowers~ but I don’t know which ones to do!! Want to come visit one weekend soon and have a planting party?