rosy posy

it’s cold here.  well, not cold compared to other places i have lived (minnesota and iowa) but very cold for seattle.  it’s not supposed to get above freezing for a few days.  the sun is out, though, and it warms the apartment and makes it feel so bright and cozy.  we’ve been trying to get out each day.  putting her arms into sleeves is josephine’s most hated activity, so she’s not loving the layering it takes to get ready to go out.  but she looks so cute with a little red nose and rosy cheeks.

this was actually last week, when it wasn't quite as cold. now she has to suffer through wearing a hat AND a hood.  the injustice.

this was actually last week, when it wasn't quite as cold. now she has to suffer through wearing a hat AND a hood. the injustice.

it’s all good practice for our trip to minnesota.  we leave on thursday (any tips for traveling with a three-month-old?) and will be there for 2.5 weeks.  ned joins us for the last week and christmas.  i have been told that i will only see my child when she needs to nurse.  i’m happy to play wet nurse for a while and am looking forward to watching my family enjoy josephine.

6 Responses to “rosy posy”

  • Meg Says:

    That is sooo cute! Luke was the worst when it came to sleeves, hoods, etc. Last winter, he cried every time we stuffed him into his coat. Every single time. It really makes you appreciate summer. This year, his coat phobia isn’t nearly as bad. Callie doesn’t seem to care about sleeves, etc., as long as she gets to go where the other kids are going. We received our first big snowfall of the year today, and of course, she insisted on going outside to play in the snow with the big kids. It was really worth it to spend fifteen minutes bundling her up for the five minutes she spent out there … at least she still wears a diaper and couldn’t complain about having to use the bathroom as soon as she hit cold air!

  • grandma susan Says:

    oh..she’s a toughie. she’s getting ready for sub zeros in minnesota this week!
    i, mean, really.

  • auntie mae Says:

    grandma susan is right! a high of 9 (low of -1) and 15+ inches of snow will be waiting for you in winona tomorrow! a balmy temperature of 11 on friday!

  • Kim Says:

    Learn how to change her in your lap like this lady:

    And Julia from Bellingham, Wash., sent these instructions: “The way to change a diaper in flight is to go to the toilet, use the toilet as a seat for yourself, and lay the baby across your knee. Then you can change the diaper easily and without baby ever touching the floor or the seat. I changed all five of my babies this way, even at home, and my daughter and I changed my grandson this way recently during a long flight to London. It is so easy. I just do not know why people make simple things difficult.”

    I know it can be difficult with a baby, but changing her on your seat, on the floor in front of the seat or on the tray table is gross! Plus flight attendants can’t handle baby diapers because they have fecal matter on them, so bring a baggie. I only know all this because I was horrified this past Sunday when the lady in front of me on the plane changed her baby and I wondered if this was the norm.

  • oma Says:

    thanks, kim. we practiced that before we left! luckily, we were on a plane with a changing table. if josephine were two inches longer, she wouldn’t have fit, but it worked great. i just don’t think about how fecal that surface was (not like i let her lick it or anything, but still).

  • Kim Says:

    For some reason I just imagined you carrying a giant tarp around with you to lay over all nasty changing tables. Plus you will always be prepared if you get free front-row tickets to Gallagher show….