josephine: what are those guys doing with all that wood?
me: it looks like they’re unloading it from the truck for a project. what do you think they’ll make?
josephine: i don’t know…
me: well, what’s something that’s made of wood?
josephine: cars?
me: uh, no. cars aren’t made of wood. what do you think they might be made out of?
josephine: uh, silverware?


me: when we get to seattle center, we’ll get to see the space needle!
josephine: can we see the suitcases going up the space needle?
me: suitcases? do you mean the elevators?
josephine: um, yeah. elevators.


me: joey, you just spent an HOUR screaming about how you didn’t want to take your diaper off after your nap. how can we make that not happen again tomorrow?
josephine: i have an idea. i could look at pictures of books with food it in, like green eggs and ham, and that will remind me that i’m hungry and i need a snack and then i’ll take my diaper off so i can have a snack.

One Response to “precociousness”

  • meg Says:

    the last one is my favorite. food always reduces my 1) want to scream and 2) the time it takes me to get something done.