sewing up the hole

we’ve known this was coming for a while. we discovered josephine’s inguinal (groin) hernia a couple years ago and her pediatrician told us that they’re usually repaired when kids are four.  great, we thought, surgery at four.  but then that darn hernia started acting up, popping out and causing josephine pain.  ok, we said, let’s get this fixed.  and yesterday we did.  josephine was a surgical rock star.  until about five minutes before actual surgery, she was nothing but excited about the prospect of fixing her hernia — possibly because i had really talked up the post-surgery apple juice and movie watching.  surgery went well — the hernia hole was stitched up and the laparoscopic incision was glued shut.  josephine was cranky as heck coming out of anesthesia, but that was fairly short-lived.  we arrived at the hospital at 6:30am and were home by 11:30 that same morning. we were all really impressed with the care we got at seattle children’s.

josephine’s been on a rotating dose of ibuprofen and tylenol, eating well, and moving around.  although she did insist on being carried to the bathroom a few times yesterday.  she’s crushed that she can’t yet sleep on her belly — her normal sleep position — and that’s probably been the most trying part of the situation for her. given the endless list of reasons we could have spent the morning at the hospital for (believe me, i could create for you a fairly endless list), ned and i are grateful this was the (straight-forward, fairly non-scary) one we were there for.

josephine yesterday, pre-surgery:

josephine yesterday, post-surgery:

josephine today:

some of josephine’s thoughts on the whole ordeal:

at school, explaining surgery to her classmates: “it’s a temporary disability.”

after bedtime the night before surgery, concerned about the no eating rule, in her dark room with her flashlight on: “if nothing can go down my throat in the morning, can i still swallow my spit?”

post-surgery: “my goodness! i don’t like anything about getting surgery.”

in drugged-out bliss yesterday: “this part of you taking care of me is wa-wonderful.”

3 Responses to “sewing up the hole”

  • Allison Says:

    Ha, I love that line about her temporary disability. Glad she’s all healed up!

  • Polly Says:

    I love that cheery “after” pic. So glad she is bouncing back so quickly.

  • Erika Says:

    the picture of the iv port in her hand made me a little vulnerable! it’s way harder to be brave as parents for our kids than it is for ourselves. looks like you guys were champs though. and i’m so glad it is all over and went so well…they’re little troopers, eh? love you all!